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Singapore Plumbing

Plumbing.sg is dedicated to provide you with the right plumbing services and hardware, at the same time, we are to provide useful plumbing tips to enable you to carry out minor repairs on your own.

Common problems experienced by Singaporeans include pipe blockages, water leakage or even copper pipes sweating (i.e. oxidation). This site is your first and final resource station for all problems related to plumbing. Be it plumbers on 24-hours' duty, or even DIY plumbing, this webpage will render sufficient assistance to ensure you will never sigh in helplessness at the sight of such problems ever again.

Tips on DIY Plumbing

The plumbing system in your home is designed to direct fresh water and wastewater to where you want it to go, without incident. You want wastewater to leave your home down a drain instead of overflow into your home and you want fresh water to come out of a spout rather than leaking somewhere within the walls. The plumbing trade has adopted a number of basic strategies and conventions to keep water controlled and go where we want it. It is a good idea to understand how your plumbing system works before tackling any plumbing project.

Before doing any plumbing job, always know where the main shut off for the water supply is; just in case.